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There are many things in life in which “new” is a great attribute. A new restaurant you want to try, a new fad diet that everyone is raving about, or even a new trend in social media marketing—new can be great. However, “new” is not what you want in an attorney when your life, the lives of your loved ones, your health, financial future or security are at stake.

When you are dealing with critically important issues and legal matters that have an impact on your future, you want a lawyer who has extensive experience handling cases and seeing them through. You want a lawyer who has been to trial again and again and has a track record of winning. You want a lawyer who has longstanding relationships, who knows the judges and is knowledgeable about insurance companies and understands the mechanisms of the court system. You want an attorney who is not afraid to go to court and has a reputation that commands respect. 

Richard A. Bokor is that attorney. He has years of experience in the courts and a track record of success. Richard has tried more than 150 cases before juries, defendant lawyers and insurance companies in Tampa, FL, and he does not hesitate to go to trial if needed, which can often result in higher settlement amounts outside of court.

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